Garlock Equipment

Russ Garlock founded Garlock Equipment, Co. in 1959 at the age of 65. His passion was to mechanize the roofing process and replace labor intensive methods with equipment to make the job easier. A prime example is the Roof Cutter, first developed by Garlock in 1963. Over the last 50 yrs., Garlock Equipment has evolved as an industry leader, setting the standard for quality products, with new and innovatieve engineering designs. Today Garlock showcases products such as the Roof Warrior, the Ultra Cutter, the Cobra Fall Protection Carts and a variety of railing systems including RailGuard 200. Garlock's extensive product line includes equipment for material handling, hoisting, tear-off, waterproofing, melters and safety products. Garlock distributors are committed to providing products and support throughout the United States and Canada.

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Steve has the service commitment and pricing that separates his business from all others. The local area venders don't measure up. Steve sets the bar.
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